You know how some afternoons you feel like a Zombie and get an uncontrollable urge for a cookie? Or maybe you get an uncontrollable urge for a Zombie cookie? In either case, you’re in luck, on Wednesdays you can find amazing cookies and other sweets at the Arugularium booth at the Moreland Farmers Market.

Before she opened her popular Sellwood restaurant, Arugularium, in 2013, Chef Chris Douglas sold crepes at the market. Even as her restaurant and catering businesses continue to grow, Chris returns to the market bringing all manner of sweets with unique and unexpected flavor profiles, “we really try to do unusual combinations that you don’t see anywhere else,” says Chris.

Her specialties include Chipotle Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies and “Choklat” Stout Bread. But the biggest sellers are always her delicious pies made with 99% local fruit, and of course the delightful Zombie and Yoda cookies to fill those afternoon urges.
In addition to the popular baked goods, Arugularium serves full meals at the restaurant located at 17th Ave and Harney Street.

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