C’est Si Bon!

“C’est si bon” is a popular song written in 1947, made famous by Louis Armstrong and Yves Montand. C’est Si Bon is also a popular crepe vendor at the market. They sell both sweet and savory crepes and galettes made with buckwheat flour. These crepes are authentic so the sweetness comes more from the fillings than from the crepes themselves. We tried three, one filled with raspberry jam, one filled with Nutella and the Berry Blitz, filled with lemon curd, strawberries and blueberries. My son, a nine year old with a rather narrow range of foods he will eat and a very strong suspicion of any new food, declared the raspberry filled crepe the best desert he’d ever had. I’m partial to the crepes filled with Nutella.

John and his wife Gabrielle, test their recipes on their two young children. Perhaps that is why they are so good. John met Gabrielle in Bordeaux, France. She was a student, and he was interested in the wine business. That is also where he learned to cook. In France one of the first things you learn to cook is a crepe. Street vendors and restaurants sell them everywhere you go. Crepes are incredibly versatile. They can be simple or complex, made ahead of time or eaten on the spot, filled with whatever you want and readily eaten while you are on your way out the door or sitting at table.

At C’est Si Bon, you can get your crepes to eat at the market or you can get them to go. You can find C’est Si Bon at five other farmers markets in the Portland area. They also offer catering services using a cuisine based on local, healthy and sustainable foods. Currently, they are scouting out a store front location.

I asked John how they came up with the name for their business. The song “C’est si bon” came on the radio one day. He and Gabrielle were singing along when the idea came to them. What a great name for a business! It’s so good. To find out more about C’est Si Bon, visit their website or visit their stand at the Moreland Farmers Market.

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