Columbia River Smoked Salmon

Charismatic Native American, John Medina says he doesn’t need a profile on the Moreland Farmers Market website because, “I’ve been here for five years; everyone who comes to this market already knows me.”

John sells irresistible Columbia River wild-caught salmon, both fresh and smoked. He hands out free samples of the smoked salmon – sweet, mild and addictive. The fish are caught by Warm Springs tribal fishermen then smoked with Alder wood, salt and pepper, that’s it. “It has to be green alder wood with no bark, that’s the secret,” shares John.
John works several markets in the Portland area and on the coast, so his product is always freshly caught, “You have to be on the ball to deliver fresh food,” says John.

If you are one of the few market shoppers who hasn’t met John yet, stop by the Columbia River Smoked Salmon booth to say hello and taste his delicious products.

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