Creo Chocolate

Creo /kr-E-oh/
verb. Spanish: I believe
verb. Latin: I create

The Straub family, owners of Creo Chocolate, believe in creating real chocolate, real relationships, and real change. New to the Moreland Farmers Market the Creo Chocolate team has already begun to sweeten our lives.

Lannie and I went to visit them at their brick and mortar shop located at 122 NE Broadway. The first thing we noticed was how warm, friendly, and genuinely excited about sharing their product they were! They walked us through their open factory that was designed to educate the curious. After the tour parents, Tim and Janet, and two of their children, Kevin and Maria, shared their story with us. They are former berry farmers so working with sweet things isn’t new to them! They experimented for several years with roasting beans, using chocolate in every recipe imaginable, and eating their way through chocolate shops in North America.

In 2014, the family sold their berry farm to fully commit an equally delectable journey of working with cacao. Tim, Janet, and Kevin traveled to the South American tropics foraging relationships with multi-generational Ecuadorian farmers who shared family recipes and helpful hints on processing raw cacao. Upon their return to the Pacific Northwest they were armed with the knowledge and desire to craft small-batch chocolates that are sweeping the Portland area. If you have the opportunity, check out their store front and factory. They make chocolate daily and will gladly give you a tour of how their chocolate is made!

Another compelling aspect of Creo Chocolate is their dedication to service. A dollar of each chocolate bar purchase is donated to Birch Community Services. An organization that provides food, financial workshops, and “hand ups” (rather than handouts) to those in need. Over the first 3 months that Creo Chocolate has been open and selling chocolate they have raised over $500 dollars!

Stop by their booth and welcome them to the market! And be sure to enjoy a scrumptious sample of their chocolate bars and sip on their freshly brewed chocolate drink!

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