Frank Gruner

Under pressure – we all are. And, Frank knows just what to do about it – apply pressure. Chair massage is the unsung hero of stress relief. For many of us, tension gets knotted up around our shoulders, neck and upper back. Chair massage focuses on those areas. It’s an easy way to get some stress relief in the middle of a busy day.

Frank is a licensed massage therapist who started his practice in 2007. Pursuing a dream to help other people out of painful situations through therapeutic massage, he went back to school in 2006 to study massage and completed over 550 hours of study. He’s worked with his hands all his life, starting out as a musician playing electric and upright bass. There’s a lot of harmony between music and massage – both depend on the hands as the primary instrument. Frank still plays music with his wifeSally Harmon and many other groups.

For much of the week, you will find Frank at the Sachi Wellness Center or the Stafford Vitality Center where you can receive a massage in a peaceful room with his wife’s piano music in the background. Saturday mornings he does chair massage adjacent to the Lake Oswego Farmer’s market across from St Honore Bakery. On Wednesdays, you can receive your chair massage at the Moreland Farmers Market (MFM) where the aroma of strawberries and the sound of children delighting in honey sticks wafts in on the summer breeze.

Frank has been at MFM since 2007. He loves the atmosphere and spirit of a farmers market, a place where people come to get great food, produce and other hand-crafted items while bumping into friends and neighbors. Open air farmers markets go back to the dawn of civilization and are filled with people making a living with their hands, just like Frank.

Chair massage is available for $1 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. As the mother of an active 13 year old girl and 9 year old boy who also works full time, I figured I could use a massage. So, I went to Frank’s stall. He has a royal purple massage chair and it was as comfortable as any queen could wish. When the massage was over, those pressing emails weren’t bothering me as much and it was a lot easier to smile. I can see why people become regulars. I know I’ll be back for more. Find out more about Frank at his website.

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