Greens Bridge Gardens

2018: Greens Bridge Gardens will be joining us all season long starting May 10th.

When you visit the Moreland Farmers Market, you can’t help noticing the large stand near 14th and Bybee Blvd that offers a wide variety of seasonal produce throughout the season. Greens Bridge Gardens is dedicated to offering a consistently high-quality product while practicing sustainable farming; not an easy task, according to Julie Laube, co-owner, with husband Jason Laube. “The weather is our biggest challenge”, she says, because it can change and turn a perfect crop into a problem to be solved.” Jason has been a farmer all his life, and Greens Bridge has been in its current form for the past 9 years.

Their produce has always been available at the farm, located at 3730 Jefferson Scio Drive SE, in Jefferson, Oregon, ready to take home or u-pick for those who like to go out to the farm. Greens Bridge has sold produce at Beaverton Farmer’s Market for the past 24 years and have added other markets along the way, including Lake Oswego, Lebanon, Salem and the Moreland Farmers Market. Julie says the reason they keep coming to the Moreland Farmer’s Market is because of the “friendly neighborhood atmosphere.”  They are one of the founding vendors.

Greens Bridge grows a lot of berries.  If you’re wondering what they do with all the excess, check out the display of jams, jellies and syrups. Berries are also sent to Willamette Valley Fruit for freezing. Besides the usual Oregon strawberry varietals and raspberries, you’ll find Boysenberries and Logan berries along with Marion berries, blackberries and blueberries. Even more varieties are available for u-pick.

In addition to the wonderful fruit, the vegetable offerings are abundant: different varieties of lettuce, eggplant, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, corn and my personal favorite, peppers – red, green, and HOT. Look for these in August and September because they are definitely worth the wait. I love the Anaheim peppers for Chili Rellenos or a spicy salsa using a combination of the peppers.

Greens Bridge Gardens is the home of the $1 Pumpkin.  In the fall, they have a Harvest Festival with a four acre corn maze, hay rides, a hay maze, a hay fort, farm animals and, of course, pumpkins. Special school packages are available for field trips, including a pumpkin for just $1.00. The price is right but you have to be able to carry it away by yourself, no adult help allowed.

Greens Bridge Gardens, like many smaller farms and businesses, wouldn’t be a family operation without help from a few family members. In this case, it’s Aunt Anita and Steve whose motto is, “It’s fun as long as you’re not making a living at it.” When you stop by the booth, you will notice them behind the tables offering to help you with your choices and finalize your sale. Thanks to them for making sure everything moves along smoothly. At the end of Market day,  the Greens Bridge bins are empty or nearly so, a testament to the farm fresh goodness they bring to your table.

To find out more about Greens Bridge Gardens, check out their stall at Moreland Farmers Market or visit their website.

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