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For fifteen years, Greenville Farms has been delivering fresh produce and eggs to their consumers near the farm in Forest Grove –including us lucky ducks in Portland. They believe in the power of local, naturally grown and ripened food. Today I talked to Dustin, who was six when the farm was started. He plans on taking over the farm from his parents and hopes to someday pass it on to his own children.

Although Greenville Farms is not certified organic, they don’t use GMOs or spray their crops unless necessary. When they do spray, they use an organic chrysanthemum pesticide. Dustin says that frankly, this approach is difficult. It would be much easier to load up with the pesticides and herbicides –but Greenville isn’t going for easy. They’re going for natural, and unfortunately, hard. This year in particular has been extremely challenging for them. The weeds have been out in full force, as have the pests. Greenville’s bell pepper crop was almost completely destroyed by cucumber beetles before they sprayed them with the mild chrysanthemum pesticide and managed to salvage some of the crop.

Despite the trials, they have persevered, and continue to offer over 40 types of produce. They have all of the Jane Does of the plant world but also like to explore more exotic produce. Their most popular products are their prunes (dried plums) and their Hazelnuts. They service over 10 farmers markets, including the Moreland Farmers market.

When asked what one thing he wanted consumers to understand, Dustin said that it was the benefit of growing your own food. There’s a sense of accomplishment in seeing what you’ve planted literally come to fruition. Plus, there is no comparison between the quality of store-bought and home grown. Dustin adds that short of growing your own, farm fresh is the next best thing.

So, next time you’re at the Moreland Farmers Market, stop by Greenville Farms and taste the delicious products of this local farm. Or, check out their website.

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