He Sells These Shells

New to our market this year is unique and tongue twistingly named He Sells These Shells.  Whether you call them Hazelnuts or Filberts these nuts are one of Oregon’s largest agricultural products.  And while most people think of the shells as just a byproduct, they have many uses in your garden.

Following a 30 year career in land use planning David Bantz sought other opportunities.  He ended up with the notion of selling crushed Hazelnut shells as a ground cover and mulch.  And He Sells These Shells was born in the spring of 2010.

David sources the highest quality twice cracked Hazelnut shells from several nut production facilities, where the nuts are shelled.  He bags the shells himself and sells at several farmers markets, garden supply centers and feed stores.

While Oregon is not the largest producer of Hazelnuts it is the producer of the largest and highest quality nuts.  The volume prize goes to Turkey, at about 70% of world’s supply, but the nuts are smaller and considered to be inferior to our Oregon Hazelnuts.

These Shells are local, all from Oregon and using them as ground cover and mulch is a great way to make use of what was once considered waste product.

The benefits are numerous. These shells ...

  • repel slugs and snails and are less expensive than chemical slug baits.
  • prevent cats from using your landscape as a litter box.
  • last 5-6 years or more, much longer than conventional mulch.
  • can be used as pathway material or ground cover.
  • protect your soil from heat and moisture loss.
  • provide long-lasting color, texture, and soil protection.
  • are lightweight and easy to distribute.
  • prevent weeds, but perennials can still grow up through the shells.

Stop by and chat with David about the benefits Hazelnut shells can bring to your garden.  He also sells nut meat as squirrel and bird food.  Shells are available by the bag and in bulk. Bulk shells are available for pickup or delivery. Bulk deliveries are available to anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

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