Hummus Stop

2017: Hummus Stop will be joining us all season long!

The Hummus Stop began when two brothers from Tunisia took the Middle East’s traditional hummus—a savory spread typically made from chickpeas, garlic, tahini, and olive oil—and turned it into nothing you would call “typical.” Today the Hummus Stop boasts sixteen different varieties of hummus, all made in-house with no preservatives and using as many local ingredients as possible.

That bears repeating: sixteen varieties of hummus.

Sample them—which is easy, as this vendor always offers generous samples on their handmade fried pita chips—and experience the wide spectrum of flavors. The Hummus Stop has not only mastered the traditional hummus recipe (and several variations thereon), but also seamlessly incorporated culinary gems from the Americas, such as avocado, black beans, and jalapeño. A hummus for every palate, all under a single tent.

As if that isn’t tempting enough, the Hummus Stop fills out its menu with a variety of other Middle Eastern delicacies: pita bread, salads, grape-leaves stuffed with spiced rice and chickpeas, and of course the aforementioned fried pita chips.

All items are made at the Hummus Stop’s brick-and-mortar storefront near PCC Sylvania in the West Portland Park neighborhood, where they load up vans every day to bring their goods to 25 farmers markets each week. The Moreland Farmers Market is lucky enough to be one of them.

Or is it only luck? Gavin, a frequent representative of the Hummus Stop at the Moreland Farmers Market, is full of praise for our market’s friendly clientele and attentive volunteers. “It’s the little things,” he says. Perhaps our inherent charms can keep this vendor coming to Moreland, even as their success grows.

To connect with the Hummus Stop, find them on Facebook or at their permanent location at 11140 SW Capitol Highway in Portland.

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