Invisible Alchemy

Invisible Alchemy is the perfect name for the fascinating process of the birth of kombucha in a vat of fermented green tea with live probiotics spiced and flavored from recipes created by a brewer’s palate.  Balam McNally is the alchemist who began experimenting with the mysterious elixir in 1997, and whose talents bring us 19 kombucha flavors with evocative names like Veritae (rosemary, nettles, and lemon), Fairever (peach), and Hearth (tart cherry with cinnamon).  At Moreland Farmers Market he offers a weekly rotating selection of organic fresh batch brews.  Whether you are a kombucha enthusiast thriving on the digestive health benefits of live probiotics and B vitamins or you simply enjoy the beverage as a delicious refresher, Invisible Alchemy is the place to get your groove on.

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