Rose City Coffee

“Coffee without the attitude.”  This is the motto of one of Portland’s newest coffee roasters, Rose City Coffee Company.

Joe and Steven, co-owners of Rose City Coffee Company, began their operation in earnest in March 2012, shortly after graduating from college.  They had both worked in the coffee world during college and missed the beans when they began to pursue non-coffee jobs.

So they began as many micro-roasters begin: in their backyard.  In their carport, actually, where they built small-scale kiln roasters from scratch.  As word spread among their friends and family, demand for their beans began to grow and they upgraded their operation to a gas-electric Probat roaster.

Although Portland is awash in coffee roasters, Joe and Steven have been able to start making a name for themselves.  They roast their beans every week (you can see the date stamped on the bottom of their bags) and turn over most of their product the same week.  This keeps their stock extremely fresh.  They are focused on showcasing the unique flavors of certain varietals, and take care not to over-roast their beans.  “With lots of educated coffee drinkers in Portland who care about their beans, we have an accessible clientele in town,” says Joe.

At the Moreland Farmers Market, you can purchase their beans and also coffee brewed by the cup.  It’s a fun form of market entertainment to watch them brew their coffee.  They use a siphon press, also known as a vacuum press.  In what looks like a barista performing a science experiment, the coffee brews in the upper chamber of the press, and when it’s finished it rushes down to the lower chamber in a flurry of bubbly excitement, leaving all of the silt and grounds behind.  “We use this to get a rich extraction, to get a smooth mouth feel,” says Steven.

Steven’s and Joe’s attention to detail and passion for beans is evident in both their brewing and roasting, and is a sign of good things to come for this new micro-roaster.  You can purchase their beans and brew at the Moreland Farmers Market or online.

You can also find Rose City Coffee in their retail store right here in Westmoreland!  Address is 7325 SE Milwaukie Avenue Portland, OR 97202

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