Sharpening 4 U

2017: Sharpening 4 U will be at the market the first Wednesday of each month.

I love to eat good food and fortunately, I also love to cook. But when it comes to keeping my kitchen knives sharp, I am nothing but lazy. Do your knives ever get so dull that you opt for a bread knife to cut tomatoes because you know a serrated edge will get the job done? OK – maybe I don’t actually use a bread knife but let’s just say I don’t worry too much about cutting myself on my knives. This poses a problem when you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do.

Sometimes, I think back to my grandfather who had a huge sandstone wheel for sharpening farm tools. It was mounted on a wooden stand so it stood about chest high. There was a foot pedal you pumped to turn the wheel. He used it to sharpen farm tools. My grandmother would trod across the yard in her old wooden sabots to sharpen her kitchen knives on it. I decided to walk through the neighborhood to the Moreland Farmers Market to get my kitchen knives sharpened. The folks at Sharpening4U use a tool similar in design to the one my grandfather used. Of course, theirs is powered by electricity, and it isn’t a huge sandstone. But they lean over it to sharpen a blade the same way my grandparents did.

As soon as I got home from the Market, I wanted to try out my newly sharpened knives. They were so sharp the tomatoes didn’t stand a chance. Now I have a new problem. What will I do in nine months when I’m back to using the bread knife on tomatoes? Luckily, Sharpening4U has a store front on Sandy Boulevard. You can take your knives, garden tools, scissors, even your lawn mower to the store for sharpening. Or, you can come to the farmers market when it opens again next season.

To find out more about Sharpening4U, check out their website. You can also bring your knives to the Moreland Farmers Market and visit with the puppies while your knives are getting sharpened.

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