The Honey Pit

After chatting with Jeanie, owner of The Honey Pit, it’s easy to understand how honey, aka, Ambrosia, is categorized as “food of the gods”. Honey, a magical food that not only sweetens our tea but is useful in relieving allergy symptoms and assists in the healing of burns and cuts, also contains a perfect protein combination that improves general health. The Honey Pit only sells pure, raw honey to ensure you receive these benefits when you consume it.

Beginning as a hobby in 2007, The Honey Pit entered the farmer’s markets in 2008 with offerings of bee pollen and Royal Jelly in addition to the varietal honeys. You will notice, when you stop by the booth, that the honeys are labeled with different names, i.e., blackberry clover, wild flower, etc. Jeanie encourages you to taste them because their flavor comes directly from the source the bees have been pollinating. The only flavored honey sold is in the form of honey stix and are a good source of quick energy rather than drinking an energy drink. Other markets where you will find The Honey Pit are: Tigard, Sherwood, Newport and Lincoln City on the weekends.

Jeanie says working with bee products is a 7 day a week job and is hard work but she loves it. She said she “learns something new every day”, which begins between 4:30 and 5:00 am and lasts until 10:00 pm or later. She and husband Steve, check the bees, collect honey, pollen and Royal Jelly and move the hives when necessary. Sounds simple, but is really time consuming. Jeanine cautioned to never move hives in the daytime or the bees will become confused and return to the original location and stay there until they die. Only move them at night while they’re dormant. Bees are fairly docile unless they feel threatened, then you’d better watch out!

The Honey Pit has been a regular vendor at the Moreland Market for the past few years and Jeanie likes it because of the family atmosphere, the ‘green-minded’ clientele and says the “children are taught manners and how to use money”. This is important because she likes giving out honey stix to polite children. She also appreciates all the help she receives packing up and that the market volunteers stay until all the vendors are ready to leave. Mainly, she likes Moreland Market because it’s family friendly.

Before I left, Jeanie gave some good advice for handling honey when it crystallizes. She said it doesn’t hurt the honey. To dissolve the crystals, leave it in hot tap water, never microwave or boil it because that will kill all the good vitamins it contains. Honey never spoils and honey combs can be chewed like gum. Beeswax is a good lubricant for sliding doors. You can also add it to your ice cube trays for sweetening iced tea.

Stop by and chat with Jeanie about the benefits of eating bee pollen and Royal Jelly. The benefits of these bee products are very impressive and too numerous to list here. She is a knowledgeable resource of how the bees live off their own foods to perpetuate the hive.

The Honey Pit also offers their products by mail all year round. To order send email or call 503-476-6234.

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