True Nature Foods

2017: True Nature will be at the market all season long!

Talk about a local vendor – Randall Horner, owner of True Nature Foods, lives and works right here in Sellwood.

Randall makes organic guacamoles, pestos and salsas.  And with over 24 years of experience working with produce at places such as New Seasons and Natures, he definitely knows his way around the ingredients.  “I like to be in control of the process as much as possible,” Randall says.  “For example, I buy my avocados hard and I ripen them myself so that I know what conditions they’ve been through.  With avocados, the wrong temperature during the ripening process can give them an off flavor.”

True Nature Foods began 7 years ago.  Randall had been making guacamole in his spare time for a number of years, and then he realized that he couldn’t keep up with the demand from his friends.  So he started up an actual business and began selling to local retailers.

Randall believes his products have a leg up on much of the competition: they’re organic, locally sourced, locally made, and super fresh.  At the Moreland Farmers Market you’ll find his lineup of fresh guacamoles: mild (kid-friendly), spicy (with jalapeno and other chilis), and mango habañero (sweet with a lingering heat).

Aside from the Moreland Farmers Market, True Nature Foods can be found at New Seasons, Peoples Co-op, Food Front, and Market of Choice.  Although he has traditionally sold through these retailers, Randall says, “It’s more fun to sell directly to people.  It’s nice to talk to my neighbors – it’s really the best way to connect to people.”  So be sure to stop by Randall’s booth this week, and say hi to your neighborhood guacamole maker.


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