Amica Farm

2018: Joining MFM from throughout the season starting June 6th. 

Amica Farm specializes in salad mixes throughout the seasons: spicy, tender greens in Spring, colorful lettuces in Summer and hearty braising mixes through the Autumn and Winter.

Amica Farm is the product of two hardworking, passionate and fun-loving female farmer friends: Irina and Nicki. They also grow a wide variety of heirloom and unusual vegetables as well as the culinary staples we all rely upon.

Amica Farm prepares homemade pickles and dried herbs from the season’s bounty so our produce can be enjoyed in many forms throughout the year!

We are fortunate to be farming one-half acre of land through East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District’s Headwaters Farm Incubator Program.

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